Why are water dispensers better for both you and the environment?

Water cooler moment: an impromptu gathering where information and stories are shared around a literal water cooler.

You have probably heard of, seen or even experienced this classic scene. An office worker has been sitting around for a while at her desk as mental fatigue begins to weigh in. She decides it’s time to stretch her legs and in the process, she might as well refill her empty glass of water. Making her way to the water cooler, her new colleague appears to have had the same idea in his mind and a spontaneous conversation occurs. All while having a sip of pure, cold drinking water.

This is a classic depiction of how these water cooler moments are crucial opportunities for social interactions. More so, in times of COVID-19, a lack of brief conversations were identified by European office workers as the number one drawback of working from home. And yet, it’s only one of the reasons why you should install a water dispenser at work, or at home.

Water works

The advantages to installing a water cooler at work are plenty:

  • A water dispenser is easy to integrate on the work floor and takes up limited space, compared to the storage space required to hold water bottles.
  • The presence of a water cooler or water fountain encourages drinking water in the workplace. In this way, less healthy “mini-break alternatives” such as smoking and drinking coffee are also limited.
  • Tastes differ for everyone. With a water dispensing system, your employees can choose for themselves: cold, lukewarm, sparkling or still water, all with the push of a button. Efficient, right?
  • Speaking about efficiency: no more lugging heavy bottles once your water cooler is connected directly to the water supply.

Right on tap

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a water cooler at work, but it has a lot of advantages at home as well:

  • Most water coolers are fitted with a filtration system to reduce limescale and remove chlorine, nitrate, minerals and other impurities, leaving you with odorless, pure water of superior quality.
  • A water cooler makes drinking water more attainable and seeing the water cooler helps as a friendly reminder to drink more.
  • Your drinking water itself will be a lot cheaper too. After about six months, you will reap the financial benefits of switching from bottled water to a water cooler.
  • The nice thing about having a water cooler in the house: you always have nice cool water, without having to put the bottles in the fridge first. Even in the summer! Perfect for drinking right away.

The aforementioned advantages should be enough to convince you that installing a water cooler can benefit you in ways you didn’t expect. Yet, we haven’t even talked about who will experience the most significant impact.

Healthy for you and the environment

Worldwide, one million plastic bottles are sold each minute. Meanwhile, slightly more  than half of the plastic PET bottles in Europe are recycled. While governments all around the globe are working continuously on reducing the environmental impact, the growing popularity of drinking water dispensers contributes its share to the cause. We have found a precise way of working that is respectful to the environment in many ways.

  • Decrease plastic production

Every second of every day, we use no less than 20.000 plastic bottles. Millions of them disappear into our trash or end up in the environment on a daily basis. Water dispensers utilize reusable and recyclable bottles, or are connected directly to the water supply. This sustainable process not only ensures that far fewer bottles end up in the environment, but also that far fewer have to be produced, which in turn minimizes the release of harmful gasses. It’s one big way to shrink your carbon footprint.

  • Protect animals and their habitats

According to the WWF, approximately 100.000 sea mammals are killed by plastic pollution. By using a water dispenser, you help reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans, hence protecting the animals and their habitats. Endangered species in particular can use all the help they can get. The vaquita, for example, is the most endangered cetacean in the world. With as few as around 10 left, we must do everything in order to prevent them from going extinct.

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

All of these water bottles, of course, have to come from somewhere. Globally, almost a quarter of all packaged water is transported from its source to our storages, workplaces and stores by boat, train, truck or even plane. Collectively, this can use millions of gallons of fossil fuels, which in turn creates an increase in carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere every year. Of course, installing water dispensers reduces the number of bottles produced directly, resulting in less transportation and less pollution.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Here in Switzerland, more than 80% of our PET bottles are being recycled. And yet, we always try to do more. A water dispenser system might just be that next step for you.

Change now

Investing in environmentally-friendly practices can make a big difference to your home, your business and the environment. Are you looking to make a change? Discover the water treatment products of AquaMarket and take a big leap into a healthier future.

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