Treating the water on one tap in the house

POU solutions

Point Of Use products treat water for a single point, appliance or tap.  Examples are a drinking water tap, a coffee machine, an ice maker, etc. It always concerns small volumes and usually a specific problem concerning taste, smell or components that you want to remedy.
POU products can also take care of the enrichment of your water such as CO2 for sparkling water or heating for boiling water.  How can we make your water better? Use our simple guide to your perfect water


Get everything from one tap: boiling, hot and cold water. And when you combine it with the Quooker CUBE, you can also dispense cool sparkling and filtered water.

Drinkwater Devices

With a drinkwater device, you have access to fresh drinking water 24 hours a day. You will no longer need to go to the store and lug around expensive water bottles. This not only saves you a lot of money but it also contributes to a better environment.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

An RO filter makes water safe, eliminating any contaminants. It even removes pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses. This is why it is widely considered as one of the most effective water filtration methods, reverse osmosis (RO) creates clean, great-tasting water.

Water Filters

The Aquamarket Water Filter Cartridges are a unique range to improve the taste, odor, filtration or concentration of sediments in your water. Our passion for water resulted in these high-end single point-of-use filter cartridges. Each color represents a different kind of treatment.

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